ASD Pendenze Pericolose  

A long period of reflection. Two years to understand how it is possible to wear our shirt in all situations: from sporting events to strolls, covered by an adequately insurance policy and especially feeling free from schemes but hunted by a way of living the cycling. We gave to this shirt a special meaning and a special love with this identification concept: "FREE TO BE ENSLAVED BY OUR PASSIONS!"

The opportunity to be able to wear it whenever you want, AND, OVERALL, WHEN YOU THINK IT’S THE RIGHT MOMENT TO WEAR IT! Our only request will be to make you look the closet while it says to you: shall we go out?

Saying that and having explained a little the sentimental value that reflects our way of seeing this activity, it will be possible to speak about the annual event to be held at a date to be chosen between October and December 2018 in a location identified by us for a wonderful GATHERING of those who have this shirt! Besides, there will be a special discounts to those who will be affiliated with us at PENDENZE PERICOLOSE Carnia Cycling VILLAGE!

Who can we sign in? Please, out those who don’t like to drink, eat or those who like to stand by the Goldsmith, as well as the sad ones and super agonists without the judicious taste of being aware of their membership range (“after work”), on healthy people with a great desire to ride getting lost in the mountains! 

Many of those we have already known and for others we don’t know yet, the doors are wildly open.

And trust us, not for these features it won’t be possible to see them on some podium, I sincerely hope it will happen.

Come on! The CAST is open!